Friday, April 4, 2014

Big News about Allegro and our Vineyards

As many of you know, we are extremely proud of our vineyard site out here in the Brogue.  We are one of the few vineyard sites that was searched out for its winegrowing potential in Pennsylvania.  (Most were re-purposed from previous uses.)  It’s why we’re out in the Brogue, so far removed from people who drink wine.

If we had our way, the great grape growing lands would be next to York or a major highway.  Unfortunately, we weren’t that fortunate.

Even fewer of you may know that these days we are struggling to find enough quality grapes to make Cadenza.  Our Cabernet and Merlot are our mainstays, but as the demand for our high-end wines increase, we’ve found that we can’t keep up.

So, starting in 2015, we will begin to plant more vineyards at our property.  The current thought is to plant more Merlot as it is slowly becoming the best grape for our region.  To this, we’ll add Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and more Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.  Ultimately, we’ll end up with about 13 or 14 acres under vine.

Lastly, although I love growing grapes, I am going to give this part of my life up.  This is an extremely important expansion for us, at no small financial risk, and so I’ve decided to hire one of the best grape growers on the East coast, Nelson Stewart. 

I’ve made wine from Nelson’s fruit for six years, and he has proven himself regionally as one of the best in the business.  His resume includes managing his own vineyard, being part of Black Ankle in Mt. Airy, MD (one of my favorite wineries in the East), Boordy Vineyards, and managing Karamoor Estate (for whom we made the wine from 2007-2010.)  Last year, Karamoor’s 2008 Meritage (grown by Nelson and made into wine by us), won the Governor’s Cup for best wine in Pennsylvania.

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have around me some of the best staff a person could ever ask for, and with Nelson coming on board we’re starting to resemble a Dream Team of Olympic proportions.  I am really psyched to see what the next few vintages have in store for us! 

Can’t wait to get started!  Cheers!


  1. Carl. That's awesome news! Plus more Cadenza which absolutely put a wiggle in my toes this morning. Congrats and good luck! Now if I lived closer.........

  2. Thanks, Anthony. And it won't just be Cadenza. Talking about addind some Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon as well. And a few more reds. It'll only take another five then maybe you'll be closer!

  3. Land expansion=more grapes=more wine=WOW! That's a good thing! Thanks so much for sharing the news!


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