2017 Cadenza Vineyards Bridge

  In 2001 John Crouch (Allegro's first winemaker) and I made the first Bridge wine together. It was his way of sharing his winemaking techniques with a young and naive winemaker. The wine was meant to be a “bridge” between his Cadenza tradition and what I hoped mine would be. Fast-forward nineteen years, and we're releasing the seventh vintage of this wine. The 2017 Bridge is the first wine of its kind under the Cadenza   Vineyards moniker. I developed this wine in the Bordeaux tradition of a "second label" to our Cadenza wines in the Allegro Winery brand. Bridge plays the role of the more approachable wine of the two. Due to vintage variations, the blend will change over the years, as some varieties excel more in certain growing conditions. The 2017 was aged 19 months in new French oak barrels and then pulled from barrels in the summer of 2019. The wine was bottled unfiltered and unfined in early September with 2” corks. The final total was only 134

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