The End of an Era: the Naylor Barn

As many of you have probably either seen or heard, the barn at our property in Stewartstown was taken down last week.  This was a tough decision for us, but it had to be done. Since purchasing the property in 2020, we've stayed busy making improvements and repairs to all different parts of it, from the buildings to the pavilions to the grounds.  I sort of avoided the barn because I have a soft spot in my heart for old things.  (Remember, I'm the guy with fifty year old vines in Brogue that sometimes make no economic sense.)   This barn had been a landmark for the area for years, especially after Dick Naylor commissioned local artist Wayne Fettro to do the mural on the east side of it (facing Route 24).  It hadn't been used for anything in years except to store an old manure spreader.  What I did notice was that I couldn't keep what I could only assume was local kids from messing around it late at night as well as dumping off some trash periodically. About a year ago I s

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