Monday, August 13, 2012

The Summer

It's been a tough summer, that for certain.  The primary evidence is that I haven't had time for a decent blog posting recently.  Hopefully that will change....

Who am I's August and all hell's about to break loose in the form of harvest.

Anyway, I will observe that this 2012 growing season may be the hardest (physically and mentally--and by mentally, I mean of course the added stress to the physical from the stress.))  I think I am on my 16th or 17th spray so far.  It's just getting old.  The early start, the frost, the slow growth and disease pressure in April, the heat in May and start-and-stop growth associated with it, the dry and the heat and the humidity in June and July, and then the late afternoon rains and downy issues in August.  It all comes down to being way too tired before harvest has even started.

Time to cross the fingers.....

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