Saturday, November 27, 2010


So, I guess it's telling that my last post was about harvest widows and about how our spouses are sometimes left stranded during this time of year.  Turns out it's not just spouses, but just about anything in our lives.  Including blogs.

This past harvest was a wicked one in terms of the amount of work required and accomplished.  I haven't had this tough a harvest since 2005.  It started early--almost as early as 2002--and finished late.  Not quite as late as last year, but since we made so much wine this year it seemed to drag on and on.

Am I complaining?  For once, no.  It's hard to complain when the vintage turned out so nicely.  Now, I can say this because I just had my second day away from Allegro since August 10th.  The first was Thanksgiving.  That's a hell of a long haul to do anything, even if it's something you love. 

I'm especially non-complainative due to the fact that the grapes were awesome.  Most years I am nose-to-the-barrel thinking about what they'll turn into.  This year, I think I'm a little intimidated by the prospect of making such incredible wine that I don't want to know how much pressure I might put myself under.  When the grapes are good, the wine should be good.  When the grapes are phenomenal, the wines should blow your mind.  If you didn't make really good wine this year, you should pack up and go home.  This should be one for the ages.

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