Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dunkin' Donuts

It's probably been pretty obvious that I've been busy. It's the middle of March, and we're in the middle of Tour de Tanks. This wine trail event has really transformed what business is like for wineries in this region. Prior to this event, I would probably get about 75 people coming out to our winery during this month. Nowadays, we get over 3000 people.

As a winery, we're of course in the business of selling wine, and being able to get this many people through our door has been amazing. Granted, we're not the only winery most of these people are visiting. So, after we have basically fed them lunch--we go all out of the food--it does get a little disappointing to see some people leave with only one bottle from us.

But, I try to have a longer range view of things. Sure, I may not be selling a whole lot to each of them. But I know that these same people are comparing apple-to-apples so to speak. They can try our wines and try other people's wines. And, in this down economy, our wine sales at the winery are up 10% over last year. It makes me feel good.

So, as I get ready for another day talking to potentially 500 people, I remember what this means to our family winery. Even though I sometimes feel like I'm working for Dunkin' Donuts ("time to make the donuts.....")

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