Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Snow and More Snow and More Snow

Like most of you on the East Coast, we got buried in snow starting Friday.  Probably got over two feet, but the drifts in front of the winery were a good 30".  It took me 15 minutes to plow a single lane with my tractor 25 feet long to our front door.  The four-wheel drive tractor could barely drive forward through the stuff, let alone push the snow.

I have to say that I am glad we got all of our tanks moved outside before all this hit.  We even filled them with the next batch of Suite for cold-stabilization.  I tried to go out and check the temperature in the tanks yesterday, but the stairwell to the crushpad was full of snow....

I don't think we've seen this big a dumping since 2004 when we had to cancel our Sweet Release weekend and I plowed for two days.  There's just a lot of snow out there.

That said, I think 4WD vehicles should be able to make it into our drive today if they really want to.  Good luck.  I'll be on the tractor if you need me......

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