Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Hangover

Now that the holidays are past, I know a lot of people just stick there heads down and try to grind out a few months.  I remember my first couple jobs out of school when I realized that my next day off was Memorial day in June.  It's a long stretch.  I was always sad to see the holidays come to a close.

Now, it's different, but still a but the same.  I enjoyed the holidays with Kris and my boys, and visiting family.  But in the Allegro side of things, it's time to finally focus on what we're good at: making wine.  Christmas is our vest sales time of the year, bar none.  (I always wonder what happens to all the Holiday Wine Drinkers in July--haven't they heard of Riesling?)  We sell boatloads of wine in November and December--even in this economy--but in January it's as if all the wine drinkers are suffering from a collective hangover. 

Not that it really matters.  I know things pick up again soon, especially with Tour de Tanks coming.  In the winery we're starting to bottle the 2009 wines.  First up is the 2009 Riesling.  We'll get the Vidal bottled soon as well as our new Dry Rose.  Still have the 2008 Claret and 2007 Aria to finish up as well.

Pruning will kick in again soon.  We haven't been that excited to be out pruning this year with the cold temperatures, and the wind and the snow.  We usually get pruning by about this time of year, but our vineyard is still of a manageable enough size that we can hold off a bit.  If we aren't into it in a few weeks, though, I'll start to worry.  Again. 

Winemaking never worries me.  We can always wait until we think things are right to move ahead.  But the vineyard--and Mother Nature herself--won't wat.  She tells us what to do and when to do it.  And, we enjoy it as well....

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