Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crazy and Local

It's been a little nuts around here.  The balance from harvest time--where we were both vineyard and winery--shifted a few weeks ago.  Since then, we have been winery and sales outlets, a balance that we have a hard time finding.  It's the reason for my lack of posts this month.

I'm not complaining.  In this economic climate, I am very encouraged by our sales.  There's a sentiment in our industry that people like to drink wine in good times, and in bad times they need to drink wine.  Of course, we all know that people are watching their budgets more and more these days.  What our industry is seeing is that people are spending more on wine than they did this time last year.  Instead of buying the $20 bottle of wine, they are buying two $13 dollar bottles. 

Luckily for us, we havea lot of wines that fit that niche.  Although, the reality of it is that most folks who tend to support local wineries do it for the right reasons, with price being a lesser determining factor.  A lot of it comes down to supporting local, family-owned businesses.  (By purchasing local Pennsylvania--and Maryland--wines, you're not sending your dollars to California by way of some New York-based middle-man distributor.) 

There's also the sense of pride that comes with encouraging regionality in your life.  We all have chosen to live in this part of the world for a myriad of different reasons.  It's nice to know that there is something special about our place and time.  Makes us feel good about things. 

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  1. I like being one of the people who supports local wineries, but I need to be reminded of the importance of doing so occasionally. I think that is mainly due to the PLCB making it so easy to buy "foreign" wine, and so hard to buy local wine. The convenience factor dictates too many purchases. I know Allegro has done a lot to be more available, but it's hard to compete with the state system.

    I hope, and expect, to see you Sunday, Carl.

    , Lee


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