Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Planting/Less Rain

We're going to try again today. We got some vines in the ground yesterday (just shy of 200) before the rain kicked in too hard. When your gloves fall off due to the weight of the mud on them--it wasn't "soil" or "dirt" any longer--then it's raining too hard. It's supposed to only drizzle once today, so we should be able to get most of the Cabernet replants done.

What we're doing is replanting the empty spots we have in a few vineyard blocks due to to accumulated mortality of the past 30-some years. Replanting is one of the hardest tasks to do in the vineyard. The vine that died probably died for a good reason, and we're trying to put another vine in its place and hope for the best. Odds are good that the same thing that took out the first vine will take out the second. Of course, if it doesn't, then we're ahead. It makes me feel a little like the mythical Sisyphus pushing the stone up the mountain and having it roll back down again.

And, of course, you can't mechanize any part of it. It's just us and a shovel and the dirt and the vines and on our knees. Over and over again. Makes me remember why I didn't want to get older...

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