Friday, May 22, 2009

Barrel Work

This time of year is when I start to notice that harvest is coming up. I'll be out in the vineyard thinking vineyard things, admiring the new shoots with baby grape clusters on them, thinking of how to protect them.

Then it hits me that what I am looking at is future wine. Wine that's going to need a home in just three short months. And then I think of our full cellar. That's when I go talk to Ray and say "Let's bottle a lot next week."

The idea for Allegro is that we get all of our tanks emptied by the beginning of June. Now, we've never done that. But that's the idea. I'm full of unattainable goals. That's what keeps me on this earth.

My guess now is that we'll have everything bottled by the first week of June, which is probably the best we've ever done. Starting in June, we can start putting together our dry reds and bottling Aria as well. This is always the most enjoyable time of the year, especially since the past few vintages have been so nice. I've always described winemaking as 98% janitorial and 2% artistic. This is when we get to do the 2%.

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