Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Tired-ness

Time flies when you're having fun....or don't know what you're doing.  Harvest isn't over yet, although all of our grapes are in.  Still have four tons to receive in the next week, as well as a couple thousand gallons of juice for our sweeter wines.

It's that time in harvest when my boys start to ask, "When's harvest over?"  They don't quite get it yet; all they know is that I am not really here right now (even though I am around and with them, I'm not really.)

And it's hard to walk a tightrope between family and winery.  Especially when the exhaustion sets in.  When you fall asleep within minutes of lying down, but can't stay asleep past 5 AM, waking up after only five or six hours of sleep.  It's nuts, it drives me nuts, and perhaps make me think that I am just plain crazy.

It'll be over soon, and in a few months I won't remember all this.  It's a whirlwind that we winemakers live through, but I am not sure we are actually living during it.  At least I am not.  Who knows.

More grapes tomorrow.  More pressing and racking.  November is coming.

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