Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Snow of 2010, Part 2

After spending the last two days dealing with snow, I am now totally convinced of the concept of climate change. (Just because some people call it "global warming" doesn't mean it doesn't affect the winter times.)

As someone who lives and dies by the weather--in that I follow it religiously during most of the year due to vineyard issues--I am starting to notice some patterns. Basically, the weather forecasts seem to be getting more and more inaccurate. I've got a feeling that the predictor models are based on decades of weather data, and that they may not be as indicative of weather in 2010.

Now, I haven't been just thinking this because I've been dealing with so much snow that it's even hard for my boys to enjoy it. I've been seeing the local forecasts as well as some internet ones missing big storms as well as overcalling some near misses.

If there are any meteorologists out there who think I am way off my rocker, let me know. In the meantime, I'll be digging out from what was called a 5" snow a few days before it hit.....

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