Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The past four or five days, the weather forecast has been for rain and thunderstorms. So far, I think we're at about 20% accuracy. It made for a nicer-than-expected Memorial day weekend, but it sure makes it difficult to plan our week.

We were hoping to get some work done in our home vineyard and a spray on Stewart vineyard, but the weather messed up both plans. We'll re-adjust and try again tomorrow.

Lots of wine work being done this week, as Ray preps the Forte, Chardonnay, and Red Lion Red for next week's bottling. We'll also taste through the 2007s and put together final blends to be bottled in the next couple months. This is where the last couple years' wait finally pays off, and we get to taste these wonderful wines and create something memorable. Something definitely to look forward to.

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