Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Planting, Take 3

We did get more vines in the ground yesterday, with still a bit to go. The weather held off, which was nice. I was amazed to see how many earthworms we had in each hole. It was a good sign of the life coming back to these soils. We've done two compost additions in the past four years and that must be most of the difference. The vines are starting to show better health as well, although we still have some soil micronutrient issues to address at some point.

Had a wonderful time with Mark Chien (the state viticulturist) and Nelson and George. Worked our way through the barreled wines. It's always a pleasure and a great learning experience to taste wines with such knowledgeable people with such good palates. Having different peope to bounce ideas off of is what makes winemaking and grapegrowing such a collaborative effort and such a great community to be in.

I'm going to try to sneak in my first fungicide spray in today between the raindrops. Then we'll go back to planting tomorrow.

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